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Divorce can be one of the most challenging, emotionally charged, and traumatic times in a person’s life.

What you decide now can change your life forever. It makes sense, therefore, to get the best possible advice and support available.

For decades, Mona R. Millstein and her team have been helping divorcing spouses negotiate agreements that help them move on with their lives and if a case cannot be settled through an agreement, successfully litigate divorce actions in court.

We protect your rights, look after your interests, and ensure that where children are involved, their futures are the priority.

Your divorce is unique. You need a unique solution.

The experience of handling so many divorce cases over the years makes one thing clear: no two divorces are the same and each one needs a unique solution.

However, that same experience has allowed Mona R. Millstein to develop a profound understanding of the main issues that arise again and again in New York divorces.

Often, serious differences can be bridged with creative solutions that are mutually beneficial and seemingly impossible situations can be resolved.

Few couples want their divorce to end up in court with a judge making decisions about key aspects that will determine their futures. With the insight, guidance and support of Mona R. Millstein, we often can keep your divorce out of the courtroom, saving time, money, and stress for you and your family and helping you maintain control of the key decisions.

Do you need help with accounting for marital assets and/or support?

One of the major aspects of most New York divorces is how to account for marital assets and debts and determine spousal and/or child support.

Whether your finances are relatively simple or extremely complex, Mona R. Millstein has the resources to help you. She works with accomplished financial forensic experts in the analysis and valuation of a wide array of complex financial issues that arise in divorce cases.

During the discovery process of a divorce, financial disclosure takes place. We can help you locate all the assets and debts, classify each as “marital” or “separate” property, and then assist in an equitable division of the property and a determination of spousal support if warranted, and/or child support according to New York law.

With our help, you can be sure that nothing is overlooked and that your divorce settlement is comprehensive and legally enforceable.

We can also assist if you have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that needs consideration before property division takes place.

Do you need help with custody and parental planning for your family?

New York divorces can become particularly stressful when minor children are involved. Separating parents must work out where the child lives, who has decision-making responsibilities, and how visitation/time-sharing rights and other parental responsibilities will be managed.

This can quickly lead to frustrations and disputes unless the process is managed carefully.

Mona R. Millstein’s experience in resolving custody and parenting difficulties will help you and your spouse resolve differences as amicably as possible – which is in the best interests of the children.

Every decision you make concerning the children should be in their best interests and Mona R. Millstein will ensure that this is the priority during discussions between you and your spouse. That means the children’s health, welfare, safety, and stability must be uppermost in your thoughts.

Whether during settlement or a litigation, our team works with experienced mental health professionals and child advocates to foster custody resolutions.

Hire a matrimonial/family lawyer for a New York divorce

Matrimonial/ Family law attorney Mona R. Millstein has helped many individuals and couples address difficult divorce situations and move on with their lives in New York.

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