Valuation Analysis New York

During a divorce, one of the key issues to address with your spouse is how to divide property fairly between you. Guidelines are provided in the New York Domestic Relations Law, but most people require professional assistance to ascertain not only what is considered marital property and separate property, but also how that property will be valued.

Valuations can be complex, especially when there are multi-faceted business interests, sophisticated investment management companies and investment funds and real estate conglomerates. Considerable work is required before you arrive at the point where you can even discuss the ultimate division of property.

At the Law Offices of Mona R. Millstein, we partner with accomplished financial forensic experts to formulate the appropriate valuation strategies to determine the value of what are often the most substantial assets in a divorce. We have decades of experience in working with such experts to analyze and value a wide array of business interests and complex financial properties, helping you either reach an agreement that allows you to move ahead in the best financial position possible or prepare you for litigation in which the court will determine the value of your assets.

Valuation Analysis in New York divorces

In determining the value of marital assets, it is necessary to determine a “valuation date” or dates. Appropriate valuation dates may be scheduled by a court at any time between the start of the divorce action and the trial.

Multiple methods of valuation may be used if a marital estate is extensive with a variety of asset types, including a market value approach, income-based method or asset-based valuation.   Particular businesses may also have governing agreements setting the value, or a formula for the determination of the value, for its partners or shareholders’ interest in the business.

Financial forensic experts can help you establish an evidence-based assessment of the marital estate that will further your case in the equitable distribution component of your divorce.

The expertise of the professionals with whom the Law Offices of Mona R. Millstein work enables spouses separating to emerge from difficult divorces in the best possible financial position.

Start with a case evaluation with an experienced divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Mona R. Millstein.


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